Allen speaking at a conference

Indigo Energy’s Managing Director speaking at the Myanmar Power and Electricity Summit in Yangon, Myanmar in June 2013.

Energy advisory services

Indigo Energy has been thoroughly researching and actively involved in the energy sector in Myanmar since September 2012. As such we benefit from a wide and varied network of contacts in this area. We continually liaise with Ministries, local and international investors, and NGO’s. This allows us to provide a unique insight into power generation in Myanmar: the opportunities, the challenges, the reality.

Our Managing Director is recognized as someone with a deep understanding of the Myanmar electricity sector and is regularly invited to speak at conferences in Myanmar and overseas.

Indigo Energy provide real time actionable information to various local and international organizations looking to work in the power generation sector in Myanmar.  This information includes detailing the current power plant projects, getting an understanding of the commercial terms of those plants, and analyzing appropriate locations for new power projects. Working with Indigo Energy allows your organisation to benefit from our research.  It allows informed decisions to be made in an efficient and cost effective manner and ultimately delivers a significant competitive advantage for those considering power generation projects in Myanmar.

What services do we offer?

Indigo Energy offers Consultancy and Advisory services: we work to understand our clients needs and provide the most appropriate solution.  Our services typically include undertaking research projects, facilitating introductions, and conducting feasibility studies. Our clients include:

  • Investors
  • Manufacturers
  • NGOs/Multilaterals

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