Distributed Generation

Indigo Energy develops, installs and commercially operates distributed electricity solutions in rural Myanmar. We consult with rural communities to understand their needs and then work with them to provide the most cost effective solution. We rapidly deploy micro-grids in villages to provide either basic lighting or more sophisticated solutions which allow for the productive use of electricity. Indigo Energy provides the electricity which is essential for the future development of rural Myanmar.

Both renewable or conventional fuels have limitations in Myanmar:

  • Lack of viable resource
  • Shortage of gas supply (exported to Thailand
    and China) and lack of gas transmission
  • Myanmar has mediocre coal
  • Poor electrical transmission –requires generation to
    be close to the end user
  • Social and environmental issues –especially large
    hydro projects and coal plants
  • Long lead times to build large scale projects

Indigo Energy has spent over a year looking at different kinds of electrification projects in Myanmar, starting with large scale wind projects and now focusing on distributed generation projects. These distributed generation projects are generally village scale micro-grids powered by the appropriate renewable technology for the area. We have developed a fast and efficient solar micro-grid to provide lighting to 30 houses in one single day. The cost per household is 100 kyat per day. Our goal is to install hundreds of these projects, serving tens of thousands of customers over the next few years.

Renewable Powered Micro-grids – The majority of time spent at Indigo Energy is focused on bringing electricity to areas that will not have access to the national grid for many years.  Micro-grids powered by renewable energy are an affordable and quickly scalable solution to solving the electricity problems of Myanmar.  As the opportunity cost of basic lighting is so expensive in rural areas with money spent purchasing fuel, candles, lanterns, and flashlights, the economics of micro-grids are attractive for both the villagers and the provider.

Technology Agnostic – Indigo believes that the appropriate technology for Myanmar is the one that is available in the demand area.  In the renewable space, the technologies that make sense for Myanmar are solar photo-voltaic, small hydro, or biomass.  Myanmar can also use more conventional fuels in an unconventional way (such as crude oil engines and coal gasification) since there is little refining or transportation infrastructure.

Small scale power projects – While many companies in Myanmar are focused on gigantic projects (500MW) that will take hundreds of millions of dollars and many years to complete, Indigo is more interested in smaller projects (1-10MW) that can be quickly developed and deployed to help accomplish our goal of electrifying Myanmar.

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