Our Company

Our Company

Indigo Energy consists of a growing team of engineers and developers who have both extensive experience in Myanmar and the passion to overcome the many obstacles to building power plants in a new, developing market.  Indigo Energy is headed by Allen Himes, engineer and MBA, who has been involved with developing power plants in both China and the United States.  Allen moved to Yangon full time in 2012 to gain the requisite cultural understanding needed to work in a frontier market such as Myanmar.

Our Mission

Indigo Energy is dedicated to improving the reliability of electricity in Myanmar and bringing it to the three quarters of the country who do not have it.  We will start our mission by putting one gasifier in the first year, five in the next year and many many more in many many more years.

Our Team

  • Allen Himes, Managing Director


Allen first came to Myanmar to develop wind projects and cycled through a variety of different power related opportunities before focusing on providing electricity and lighting for the rural sector. He has been based full-time in the messily vibrant city of Yangon since September 2012. In his rare moments of spare time, he likes to push his mental and physical limits through outdoor rock climbing and long distance hikes.

Allen previously worked as an electrical engineer doing controls and automation in a variety of different industries from copper tubing to donut manufacturing. Although Allen quite enjoyed his engineering responsibilities, he felt limited in this line of work and wanted to make a positive impact on the world through renewables and cleantech. He went on to obtain his MBA from Babson College, the #1 school for entrepreneurship, to better understand how to start and run a business. After finishing graduate school, Allen helped develop wind farms in Hong Kong for the Chinese market. He was responsible for environmental compliance as well as evaluating the financial aspects of current projects under construction.

As Managing Director, Allen is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Indigo Energy and is heavily involved in all aspects of the business including project development, engineering, financing, and day-to-day operations.

  • Jeff Moore, Director


Jeff Moore has a background in the Pharmaceutical and Computer industries and successfully exited his Computer Networking Consultancy and Trading Company in 2011.

Having travelled widely in SE Asia in the early 1990’s Jeff became a keen student of Asian culture and developed particular affection for Myanmar which he first visited in early 1997. He helped launch Myanmar’s first ladies fashion magazine – Fashion Image in 1997/98 and this remains one of the most popular magazines in this sector today. Over the years he has visited many parts of Myanmar, both rural and developed areas. Jeff has spoken and developed relationships with rural village heads, subsistence farmers, CEO’s of multimillion $ companies, government officers and NGO’s. This breadth of exposure to Myanmar has given him a valuable insight into the humility and respect required to develop mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of individuals. Jeff appreciates the investment in time which is so important in Myanmar; understanding how to work with Myanmar people, the social structures, the Asian philosophy of ‘face’ and the absolute respect for elders is imperative to the completion of a successful project in Myanmar. Over the years Jeff has developed such an understanding.

With the experience of turning start-up projects with minimal capital into significant concerns, the desire to work hard and contribute to the future sustainable development of Myanmar, Jeff is excited by the challenges the ‘new’ Myanmar offers.

Jeff has been permanently based in Yangon since May 2012. He consults widely with international companies and also with a local company who he has known for many years. It is via this relationship that he was first exposed to rural electrification through a small hydro project that was developed in Northern Shan State. He has a keen interest in renewables such as small hydro, biomass and solar and is eager to ensure that the recent positive developments in Myanmar reach rural communities – electricity is a pre-requisite of development and can provide tangible benefits and contribute to positive change.

A young girl once seen in Northern Shan State studying by candlelight is all the incentive he needs to pursue the worthy cause of electrifying rural Myanmar.

  • Zwe Oak Soe, PA/Junior Project Developer


Zwe started off his position at Indigo Energy as an assistant to the Managing Director.  Through his quick and penetrative thinking, he has become more involved with the development of projects.  He studied mass media and communication for 1 year in Singapore and currently is a second year correspondent student of Dagon University of Yangon.

His main responsibilities include assisting in project development strategy, providing cultural understanding, interacting with government officials, setting up meetings, arranging travel, and translating letters and interpreting.

Being raised in an undeveloped environment has instilled a sense of responsibility in Zwe to help electrify the villages in any way that he can.  Zwe is originally from Ayeyawaddy Division where the bulk of Indigo Energy’s development efforts have been focused.

  • Marc Gaulier, Mechanical Engineer


Marc has been living and working in Yangon for a little over a year now, working in various roles. Prior to joining the Indigo Energy team, Marc was working in product design, creating treadle pumps for rural Myanmar farmers at a local social business. When he isn’t working, you can find Marc going for runs at Kandawgyi Lake, watching good movies, and playing board games.

Marc recently obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. During the course of his degree, Marc participated in various design projects, both for school and in extracurricular activities, such as the Formula Hybrid race car. Marc first became interested in renewable energy technologies when doing a conceptual design project for a local engineering firm that designs and manufactures gasifiers for off-grid applications. The design team was tasked with improving the ergonomics and operation of the gasifier unit, and the company is now applying one of the concepts that were developed during that project. Marc also has experience in human-centered design, and is applying its principles to our projects in Myanmar.

Marc effectively heads up Indigo Energy’s growing engineering department, working with all aspects of projects from designing the systems, procuring the components, testing the systems before installation, installing the projects, and maintaining them after they are successfully installed.

  • May Thandar Htet, Electrical Engineer


May holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Yangon Technological University with her thesis on PV Solar in Rural Areas.  She is interested in renewable energy technologies because it is a solution to getting electricity without negative side effects to the environment.  She studied the solar home system by using the Hybrid Model of Electric Renewable(HOMER) software in Ma Mauk village in Kawa township in Bago Division of Myanmar. She received her master’s degree in September 2013.  She is looking forward to increasing her knowledge and experience in the world of solar micro-grids.

Now, she lives in Hledan, Kamayut Township in Yangon and is attending mechanical and electrical services course in Hledan when not working.

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